Find the Best Free Children’s Books Online (0-17 years old)

Have you ever wondered WHERE you could find the best free children’s books online? Well, wonder no more, I shall help you now! For I AM a writer of STORIES, so I know where to find them!

Be aware, though, that, even though I hate Amazon, I love Amazon too, so, most of the suggestions will come from where to find stuff for free on Amazon. Not only children’s books but also children’s books.

I will also teach you to find books for early learning, middle learning, and also for teens.

And, in the end, I will teach you where to find WRITERS that are dying to have their work read (and reviewed) too.

Oh, and I should also mention that I’m an INDIE writer, so maybe 99% of these suggestions will be for indie authors.

Free children’s books online: Amazon

The first place is Amazon. Amazon has a billion books, you know that already. But, do you know how to find the best free children’s books there?

I’ll teach you now:

First things first, find the best sellers page on Amazon:

free children's books online

Here we are! You can see that we can already see the best free bestsellers books here:

free children's books online

However, we want to find the best free children’s books online. So, we’ll navigate through the categories and choose the ones we want:

free children's books online

Okay, now that we are in Children’s Ebooks, click on Top 100 Free:

free children's books online

So, here we have it. The #1 and #2 don’t look like very good options for kids, but look at how cute #3 is! And it’s free! So, now, all you have to do is click on it, download it, and have the best free children’s books online.

If you want to narrow down your search a little, try to look at your favorite categories.

I went to the category “early learning”, and LOOK at HOW MANY free books there are!

free children's books online

Have fun looking at it, you’ll find a billion free books, you might discover your favorite next author, and don’t forget to leave a nice review afterwards.

You can even find FAMOUS stories, like those:

free children's books online

Look at how many stelar reviews, and all for free.

Free children’s books online: Facebook Groups

Okay, so, maybe you HATE Amazon and will refuse to go there to find free children’s books online. My second suggestion is to try Facebook Groups. As an author and a reader, I’m part of a bunch of different books, and the authors are always looking for beta readers or arc reviewers there. Sometimes, even giving away copies for free.

This is one of my favorite groups (it’s not mine nor sponsored, I just really like it).

free children's books online

Come here to the search option and do your search. Maybe look for keywords as “beat reader”, “arc reviewer”, or even “free books”!

free children's books online

Engage in discussion, meet your new favorite authors, and even create your own posts asking for free books in exchange for a review. Authors LOVE to meet readers, so take advantage of this (and other) Facebook groups!

Free children’s books online: Story Origin, Booksprout, Book Funnel…

There are a bunch of sites (that are meant for writers but welcome readers too) where writers go to help build an audience. However, this could be a paradise for you as a reader.

Story Origin is a site where you could offer to become an ARC reviewer. This means that you’ll get a free book, read it and leave a review with your opinion. These books are already finished and ready for publication, so they will probably be already edited and polished.

Here you can get some free books on this site:

Booksprout is another one of those sites, that ask for ARC reviewers:

And here is BookFunnel’s one:

free children's books online

Again, I don’t make anything with these recommendations, it’s just that I think it’s very useful and a great way to find the best free children’s books online.

Free children’s books online: Discord

So, there’s an app that allows you to enter a group chat. It’s called Discord and it originally worked for gaming most but now it has been taken by every kind of people, including readers and writers.

There, you could find a community with your favorite writers and a bunch of readers too. You can also find free children’s books there.

All you have to do is Google it:

free children's books online

There will be some sites that gather information about the best discord channels available for what you’re looking for. You could also get genre-specific and Google the genre that you want.

For example, I write a genre called LitRPG, so I am part of this Discord channel here:

Feel free to join us. It’s full of friendly authors and readers, a bunch of new releases, and a free book occasionally!

free children's books online

I also am part of a writer’s Discord channel where we are close friends, and we welcome readers of all sorts:

PS: Every kind of social media will have a community where you can find free books, talk to writers, find other readers, etc. There’s a book community on Tik Tok, for example. However, here I’m mentioning the ones that I personally use and I know that you can have the max amount of interaction with authors that will be willing to give away free copies for honest readers that love them!

Free children’s books online

I also have to tell you about my free children’s books, right?

You can get them here:

There are early, middle learning and a teen book sample there!

free children's books online

If you’re a writer, check my writing blog where I have many tips for writers:

That’s all for today, folks! I hope you have enjoyed this post about where to find free children’s books online, and I hope you take advantage of that. Happy reading!

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I’ve been working with kids for years now. I have a post-graduation degree in Child Education, a degree in English, and I’m starting my degree in pedagogy. I’m a pre-K teacher, and I have years of experience teaching and writing books. I mainly write for my students but I also share it on Amazon, if you want to take a look!

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