Have you ever thought: “how I wish my parents would have taught me that?!”

Have you ever sworn that you would do differently with your kids?

Kids need to learn a bunch of life skills and life lessons, and, raising kids is not the easiest job!

This blog exists to help you to remember all the important bits about life and make it easier for you to raise amazing kiddos. We talk about many different life lessons, concepts, skills, and every type of early learning, all of that through books (and posts)! From toddlers to tweens, everything you need is here.

Be different, be the parent that you always wanted to be.

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Isadora and, yes, I’m the crazy adult dressed as Stitch (all the kids thought I was a bunny. Tsk, tsk, this generation!) in that photo over there.

I’ve been working with kids for years now. I have a post-graduation degree in Child Education, a degree in English, and I’m starting my degree in pedagogy.

I’m a Kindergarten teacher this year (last year, pre-K), and I have years of experience with teaching and writing books. I mainly write for my students but I also share it on Amazon, if you want to take a look!

I hope to help you with this blog! Feel free to ask me any questions, and join our newsletter so we can be closer!

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